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I have always loved to wear what I call "costumes"--startling and chic ensembles that draw all eyes in a room to me, hopefully, to appreciate my sense of taste and style. (Never can I buy a simple suit--oh, maybe if it happened to be Chanel I could bring myself to do it.) Here, I was surrounded by such a bevy of stunning Saint Laurent beauty and sensibility, from the 1950's to the new century, that I wanted to become it. I wanted to touch it, to eat and drink it, to steal the beautiful pieces, wear them, throw a cocktail and dinner party in them, and then give them back for M. Bergé to protect and keep.
torsdag 02 oktober 2014 - 03:14:57

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Good point. I hadn't thought about it quite that way. :)
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Haha. I woke up down today. You've cheered me up!
onsdag 01 oktober 2014 - 18:07:34

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